Craigowl Hill Tour

Sneha Solanki and Lindsay Brown led a tour to Craigowl Hill Station, a present day British Telecom microwave relay site based on the highest summit of the Sidlaw Hills range in Dundee, Scotland.

From the 1960’s onward, this station was originally utilised for top-secret intelligence gathering purposes for the United States ‘National Security Agency’ (N.S.A). It is unknown if this is still the case. Speculation suggests that like other dual commercial and military controlled stations in public private partnerships within the U.K, the Craigowl Hill site could also serve the Ministry of Defence (M.O.D) and the privatised economy in parallel.

The tour to Craigowl Hill Station navigated physically through the geographical terrain up to the station summit whilst simultaneously seeking (or avoiding) the invisible electromagnetic terrain.

NEGATIVE VISIBILITY- tour documentation

Tour leaders – Sneha Solanki & Lindsay Brown
Film – Gayle Meikle
Additional station footage – Gair Dunlop
Sound – Gayle Meikle & Sneha Solanki
Editing – Sneha Solanki

Craigowl Hill Station
Sidlaw Hills, Dundee, Angus, U.K
Frequency Emissions: HF  & VHF (high-very high frequency)
National Grid Reference: NO 377400
Summit Height: 455m
Terrain: Walk graded as ‘moderate’